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By September 5, 2023 No Comments

Prime Day devices ignite competition

With a network reaching over 50 million locations powered by Plume, our expansive coverage allows us to capture crucial consumer trends across Europe and the United States.

This month we analyzed purchasing behavior during Prime Day, one of the premier online shopping events for electronics, especially connected devices like streaming gadgets, tablets, e-readers, cameras, and smart doorbells. Comparing 2022 to 2023 revealed intriguing shifts.

The data shows that while the US continues to drive significant Prime Day transactions, Europe is a rising force. Combined growth numbers for the two regions point to major surges of 16.1% in streaming devices and 32.2% in cameras and smart doorbells in 2023 from 2022.

Digging deeper, distinct patterns emerge. US shoppers snapped up indoor cameras at 22.8% higher rates, and smart doorbell sales jumped 28.7%. Europe saw a streaming frenzy – sales of 4K connected devices rocketed 78.7% and sales of non-4K connected devices grew 47.4%.

This surge ignites intense competition for consumer attention as devices vie for bandwidth like never before. With the evolving smart home environment, Plume’s recently launched Full Stack Optimization is now a necessity, enabling measurement and prioritization of traffic at the application category level. This allows the modern connected home to thrive.

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