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‘We’ll Be the Fries for Anybody’s Happy Meal’: AMC Networks CEO Kristin Dolan on Adapting Cable Channels for the Streaming Era

AMC Networks CEO Kristin Dolan grew up in the cable TV business. She was a senior executive at Cablevision when that company was at the peak of its power as a cable operator in the nation’s largest TV market.

Given her background, it’s no surprise that Dolan sees signs of hope for programmers in linear cable, a sector that has all been written off for dead by Wall Street and other media market watchers. Dolan, who just marked her one-year anniversary at the helm of the owner of AMC, SundanceTV, WeTV, IFC and BBC America, tells Variety podcast “Strictly Business” that she’s encouraged by the efforts by Comcast and Charter, the two largest operators, to address consumer needs by offering more low-cost channel packages on one hand and by embracing options such as the new Xumo stream box on the other.

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