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Plume IQ–Critical WiFi optimizations soar by 20.9%

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Critical WiFi optimizations soar by 20.9%

Plume’s algorithms perform several types of WiFi optimizations. One of the most important, called ‘fast interference optimization,’ reacts in real-time to resolve critically high levels of interference that can affect the consumer’s quality of experience.

Our latest study of Plume-powered households showed that fast interference optimizations are needed approximately ten times per month, per home, or once every three days. The frequency of such interference-reactive optimizations is growing significantly—globally, optimization by Plume’s algorithms has increased by 20.9% (when comparing 2H 2021 to 2H 2022), indicating that home networks are becoming increasingly congested.

As consumers move towards more data-hungry apps and services—including 4k streaming and virtual reality—the 5 GHz band is becoming more crowded. Our analysis revealed a 21.1% increase in fast interference optimizations in the 5 GHz band compared to 19.9% growth in the 2.4 GHz band. Thankfully, the introduction of the 6 GHz spectrum offers more capacity for intelligent WiFi management.

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