Cable Congress 2017


The Connected Entertainment Future – What Bags to Pack For the Journey

The evolving converged landscape between connected entertainment companies (mergers such as AT&T/Time Warner and AOL/Verizon/Yahoo) raises the challenge for our businesses: How can we ensure continued revenue growth from advertisers as well as consumers?

SPEAKER: Mr Barry Cupples, Global CEO – Investment, Omnicom Media Group

Gen X Today: A Fresh Perspective

When thinking about Generation X, what comes to mind? Cynical, rebellious, directionless youth? That’s exactly how they were described in the ‘90s, the last time they were on the global radar. But a revealing new study by Viacom International shows that while the world has been focused on Millennials and Boomers, Gen X grew up. With distinct habits and preferences, they’ve been busy dismantling traditional norms, driving innovation and making big changes, from social media and flexible work schedules to modern families.
Don’t miss this bombshell presentation that shatters all outdated notions about Gen X and redefines the impact they’re having on our society, culture and industry.

SPEAKER:  Mr Christian Kurz, Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

It’s Still All About Content

Investment in content is the highest it’s ever been in our industry. Content providers of all shapes and sizes are creating breakthrough, award- and viewer-winning content, all of which comes at a cost. At the same time, cable operators are working to rein in content, one of the largest line item costs on their P&L.
Join us for a thought-provoking session as we examine where the balance lies between delivering talked-about content and maintaining a financially sound business.

MODERATOR:   Dennis Hodges, Founder and Creative Catalyst, Creatalyst

John Rossiter, Managing Director, Sony Pictures Television, CEE
Harold Gronenthal, EVP & GM, AMC Networks International
Ferdinand Habsburg, Founder & CEO, Da Vinci Media
Tatjana Vucanovic, VP Program Sales EMEA, Disney Media Distribution
Jane Turton, CEO, All3 Media
Bruce Mann, Chief Programming Officer, Liberty Global

Brave New VR World: Hype or Reality?

According to Goldman Sachs Research, virtual and augmented reality technology is expected to become an $80 billion industry by 2025 – about the size of the desktop PC market today. Others predict that over 11 million headsets will be shipped to Europe alone by 2020.

Although VR hasn’t gone mainstream yet in the entertainment market, big and small players have been busy producing and experimenting with VR content that’s already transforming sectors such as real estate, healthcare and education. Fact or fiction? Find out from our media expert who will examine the reality behind the technology and opportunities VR experiences offer to audiences worldwide.

SPEAKER: Carmen Alzner, Co-owner, murphy+alzner/all things content

OTT: Over the Top or On the Trend?

After several years as the hottest ticket in town, OTT players are here to stay and have changed how consumers access content – content that used to be exclusive to televisions in cable households. What does the future hold for consumers? What’s next in the increasingly mobile world we live in? What is left for cable operators? Find out in this leading – make that bleeding – edge session.

MODERATOR: Jon Watts, Managing Partner, MTM

Alex Green, Managing Director,  Amazon Video
Peter Roberts, SVP Business Development, Gaia
Bakori Davis, Managing Director, Niche Media Global
Eric Boyko, President & CEO, Stingray

Marketing Beyond the 4 Ps

For years, textbooks touted The Four P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion) as the model for differentiating a product from competitors. But times have changed. In today’s world, where authenticity is essential and connected consumers rely more on peer recommendations than company-generated ads to form opinions, it can be a veritable minefield trying to get a product to market. Are there new rules of engagement?
Learn how top industry marketeers are navigating this new paradigm and finding success. Discover how you can become more innovative in marketing your next product or brand.

Toon Diependaele, Chief Strategy Officer, These Days

Inge Smidts, CMO, Liberty Global – and Co-Chairman, CTAM Europe
Gabor Zab, Marketing Director, Heineken Hungary
Karin Heijink, VP – Channels & Product, Viasat World
Duane Dick, Senior Partner, Sand Cherry Associates

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