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CTAM Europe is a non-profit, non-commercial, professional membership organization.

It was started in the U.S. 35 years ago with a vision to advance marketing excellence in the cable industry as well as the mastery of new technologies and strategic learning in cable, broadband and other emerging media. We do this by delivering cable marketing learnings, including customer care, research initiatives and providing networking opportunities designed around the interests and needs of our members who include key decision-makers in the cable industry representing over 100 companies from 25 different countries.

Currently CTAM US has more than 2,800 individual members and is supported by hundreds of the industry’s leading global corporations.

CTAM Europe has close to 380 members and is growing.
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Our Mission

We aim to be the number one resource of marketing education, information and networking opportunities to individuals who work for cable and media companies around the world. We also cater for programmers and broadband companies who seek to distribute products and services via cable’s broadband pipe globally.
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What are the contact details for CTAM Europe?
Email: info@ctameurope.com || Telephone: +44 7771 817315

What do the letters C T A M stand for?
The letters in CTAM stand for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

What does CTAM Europe do?
CTAM Europe provides marketing learning, sharing best practices and networking via CTAM Europe events, workshops and webinars for the European cable, media and telecommunications industry.

Where does the company originate from?
The Mother company is CTAM and it was established over 35 years ago in North America.

How many members does CTAM Europe have?
CTAM and CTAM Europe have altogether 2,800 members across North America, Canada and Europe. CTAM Europe has over 380 members.

Who are the CTAM Europe members?
CTAM Europe membership is coming from different sectors in the cable industry: the majority are cable operators, programmers, representatives of broadband companies, technology vendors and other cable industry service providers. Including CEO level, VP and directors from marketing, product, customer care and more.

Do we manage or are we involved in any industry events?

Yes Indeed! Let’s wait for the departure of Covid-19, and we’ll have more news about in-person/live events. We hope to see you soon!

As a result of integrating CTAM Europe’s EuroSummit into the Congress in 2016, the re-imagined Cable Congress featured more marketing, branding, customer and content-led sessions. It embraces more SME, start-up and emerging market developments alongside the biggest players and competitors, to create the unrivalled meeting place for cable, content and connectivity.

The Congress embraced both the technology behind the cable network and the services we provide to consumers – never losing sight of the business strategy which underpins both.

Key players in our industry gather once a year, with a programme brought to you by Cable Europe in partnership with Cable Labs and CTAM Europe. Will you be registering to join the elite?  Attendees are able to network and learn from and the industry’s top executives.

We hope to see you there!
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Our Executive Education programme @ INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France

The programme is offered to Senior Executives in Connectivity, content, entertainment, media and technology supplier businesses. Companies must have valid CTAM Europe membership in order to qualify (can easily be arranged).  The programme has been running since 2014 and is hugely successful.  Click here for more details, or contact info@ctameurope.com to register for Class of ’22

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Our Members include:

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