What do the letters C T A M stand for?
The letters in CTAM stand for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

What does CTAM Europe do?
CTAM Europe provides marketing learning, sharing best practices and networking via CTAM Europe events, workshops and webinars for the European cable industry.

Where does the company originate from?
The Mother company is CTAM and it was established 35 years ago in North America.

How many members does CTAM Europe have?
CTAM and CTAM Europe have altogether 5,500 members across North America, Canada and Europe. CTAM Europe has over 250 members.

Who are the CTAM Europe members?
CTAM Europe membership is coming from different sectors in the cable industry: the majority are cable operators, programmers, representatives of broadband companies, technology vendors and other cable industry service providers. Including CEO level, VP and directors from marketing, product, customer care and more.

Do we manage or are we involved in any industry events?
Most definitely yes! Next year’s Cable Congress is happening in Dublin, Ireland on the 6th and 7th March 2018

Cable Congress has recently changed. We’re taking this successful event into a new era to reflect developments in our dynamic industry and set the agenda for what lies ahead. The Programme Committee developed an innovative, interactive and knowledge-based Congress for 2016 and beyond. These exciting changes will be reflected in both the structure and the content of our event, creating a multidisciplinary and theme based agenda to reflect the challenges and opportunities of our converging market and changing consumer demands.

As a result of integrating CTAM Europe’s EuroSummit into this year’s conference, the re-imagined Cable Congress will feature more marketing, branding, customer and content-led sessions. We will be embracing SME, start-up and emerging market developments alongside the biggest players and competitors, to create the unrivalled meeting place for cable, content and connectivity.

Attendees are able to network and learn from and the industry’s top executives.