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2015 Cable Congress Marketing Sessions

Session 1: 12 March, 14:15 – 15:15 (Marketing Room)

Title: RGUs Don’t Have Bank Accounts: why customer experience should be a #1 priority  

No customer wants to be treated like a number. But as cable’s product mix becomes more complicated and consumers grow more demanding, how are platforms evolving their CEM strategies to meet the needs of this changing environment?

Join our panel and hear what the world’s leading companies are doing to ensure best-in-class experiences for their customers. Gain valuable insights into how you can compete – and win loyalty in a multiplatform world where the demands are high and new generations of customers expect more seamless service, end to end. Don’t miss it!


Dennis Hodges, Founder & CEO, New Perspective Ltd


Marcus Banks, Executive Director Customer Experience, Virgin Media / LG

Gustav Berghog, Commercial Director, Comhem AB

Peter Dorr, Managing Director Strategic Marketing, Sales & Care, Liberty Global

Erik Schneider, Senior Vice President Customer Service, Sky Deutschland

Session 2: 13 March, 9:15 – 10:00 (Marketing Room)

Title: “How cool brands stay hot”

From the book description: Generation Y (13-29 year olds) is the most marketing savvy and advertising critical generation ever. Three times the size of the previous Generation X, they have a much bigger impact on society and business. But what drives this generation and how do you develop the right brand strategies to reach this critical generation. How Cool Brands Stay Hot reveals what drives Generation Y and how you can reach them.


Joeri Van Den Berg, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, InSites Consulting and Author of “How Cool Brands Stay Hot. Branding to Generation Y”

Session 2: 13 March, 10:00- 10:30 (Marketing Room)

Research Presentation: “TV Redefined”

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) is about to release a new study, TV Redefined, which explores how people are watching television in this transforming viewing environment.

The results are surprising and, in some ways, comforting. In an ever-more digitally connected world, television and great stories still connect people to each other–perhaps now more than ever.

For this study, VIMN spoke to over 10,500 respondents ages 6-34.

They looked at 26,866 of their viewing occasions in 14 countries: Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Sweden.


Christian Kurz, VP Research and Insights, Viacom

Session 3: 13 March, – 11:00- 12:30 (Marketing Room)

Title: OTT: new game, new rules for operators and content providers?

As OTT enters a new phase, operators wrestle with tougher questions. Should they partner with certain providers instead of competing with them? What risks and rewards are at stake long term? Is there a “right” business model to follow?

Don’t miss this timely workshop as leading content and platform experts come together to share real world stories and insights into this volatile market. They’ll demystify OTT and what’s behind current trends, including why

  • HBO, historically only available by platform sell-through, is going OTT in some markets
  • Netflix, the original OTT pioneer, is available through platforms for the first time
  • Net neutrality has the industry buzzing about who should foot the bill for delivering content

Join the debate as we dive deep into OTT and its impact on your business.


Duane Dick, Partner, Sand Cherry Associates


Asanga Gunatillaka, CPO, Comhem

James Currell, COO, Viacom

John Rossiter, Managing Director, Sony Pictures Television CE

Ginx TV

Liberty Global
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