Joint Webinar with INSEAD’s leading faculty member, Joerg Niessing

17th January 2018

Deep dive into the following:

Adapting to the ongoing digitization of the economy, and of society in general, is arguably the most challenging transformation every business is currently facing. Digital technologies have become the core of  almost every industry. But one of the most important ‘laws in business’ has not changed at all: Customer centricity and customer orientation. You can only create value and drive profitable growth if you understand not only what customers ‘need’ but also what customers really ‘want’. However, creating customer value and building long-term relationships is even more challenging in a digital world where customers (a) expect more, (b) are well-informed, (c) trust their peers, (d) have more choices and (e) have a voice.

In today’s ‘Age of the Customer’, digital technologies and customer centricity have to go hand-in-hand: new channels & touchpoints, new devices, diverse data, multi-dimensional customers, new competitors, social networks, new ways of interacting with customers and other stakeholders. Today, every business is, in part, a digital business and successful companies embrace and deploy digitization in the right places at the right time and are up to 30% more profitable than digital beginners. That is why digital transformation should be on every senior executive’s agenda. Â

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Joint Webinar with ARRIS – MVPD-Delivered VR/AR via Broadband and the Future of In-home Health care and Education

5th December 2017

VR/AR technologies deliver much more than gaming. They can mix entertainment, preventive health care, and long-distance learning in a variety of combinations. Imagine a world where VR/AR is used to:
  • Provide personalized in-home health maintenance such as alleviating symptoms of PTSD or depression, or distracting patients during painful procedures or recuperations
  • Create an immersive remote education experience by placing students in a VR/AR classroom with their professors and peers
  • Allow people who are hindered by health or injuries to shop, visit the beach, or travel the world
  • These applications may be delivered via fiber, wireless/5G, hybrid cloud and content delivery networks (CDN) into the home, via secure gateways and devices. This session will cite recent application examples and discuss the technology and security needed to enable these applications, and how they may also drive architectural changes in network and CDN implementations.
    Duncan Potter – ARRIS: Duncan Potter, SVP Global Marketing, ARRIS

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Joint Webinar with IHS Markit – “Cable in Europe: Unlocking value through adaptation & evolution”

7th June 2017

“Cable in Europe: Unlocking value through adaptation and evolution”
In the face of strong competition from telco, satellite and online-video rivals, cable has successfully maintained its relevance in the TV and communications industry, forming the backbone of an ever-more connected society in Europe.

Join IHS Markit analysts for a deep dive into the changing dynamics of the cable business, which will analyse:

• The freshest market data – subscriber and revenue growth across TV and broadband
• Cable’s place in the multiplay landscape and where the market power lies
• The rise of SVoD and what it means for cable operators
• Pay TV diversification and platform evolution
• Content strategies and the evolution of channels

• Ted Hall, Research Director, Television, IHS Markit
• Maria Rua Aguete, Director, Media and Service Providers, IHS Markit

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Joint Webinar with S&P Global – Are Cable Operators keeping up with telco innovation

8th November 2016

A copper line revival through VDSL2, and vectoring technologies has enabled telecoms incumbents to better compete on service with cable bundles. The next phase of development rests on how to keep bundling as a simple and, critically, flexible proposition to the key target groups, at the same time aligning with key digital services. Telcos are rapidly upping the pace of service investment, including in OTT, both third party and proprietary (with virtual or lite pay TV services), to ensure relevance among a broader demographic – are cable operators responding fast enough?

Analysts from the Media & Communications (SNL Kagan) offering of S&P Global Market Intelligence and CTAM Europe will be speaking at a complimentary webinar exploring the structure of bundling competition and performance of the key telcos versus the dominant cable networks in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal, specifically evaluating the impact of various cable and telco competitive strategies.

The case studies will examine evolving multichannel and bundling strategies in these territories before presenting S&P Global Market Intelligence’s survey data, comparing cord cutting/nevers findings in key markets in Europe versus the U.S.

Gain valuable insights on how:
· Bundle structures are developing between cablecos and telcos in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal
· Multichannel operators are performing off the back of service innovation
· Cord-cutting/nevers trends in key European territories versus the U.S.

Mohammed Hamza, Senior Research Analyst (introduction)
Eric Haglund, Associate Analyst
Andrew Katolo, Associate Analyst
Keith Nissen, Analyst
All Media & Communications (SNL Kagan) analysts at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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Joint webinar with ARRIS – Key European findings from the 2015 Consumer report

September 2015 

ARRIS recently launched its 2015 Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI), one of the most comprehensive research projects of its kind that gives customers and our industry invaluable insights into entertainment technology and content trends.

Topics include:
• Wi-Fi Dependency – essential, like air and water
• Mobile TV Growing More Popular – biggest increases among older age groups
• Binge Viewing Insights – the majority are doing it solo
• OTT/Catch-up TV viewing – slower than expected growth

Duncan Potter, VP Marketing, ARRIS

Presentation below (in 5 parts)

ARRIS CEI Europe Part 1 Intro Binge Viewing

ARRIS CEI Europe Part 2 MobileTV

ARRIS CEI Europe Part 3 Download vs stream

ARRIS CEI Europe Part 4 WIFI

ARRIS CEI Europe Part 5 OTT

Joint Webinar with SNL Kagan – What is the financial impact of multiscreen licensing on TV network economics?

June 2015

What is the financial impact of multiscreen licensing on TV network economics?

How do OTT deals & changing windows affect costs?


Mohammed Hamza, senior analyst, SNL Kagan
John-Paul O’Sullivan, associate analyst, SNL Kagan

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CTAME 2015 webinar June 3 final (2)

Joint webinar with ARRIS – Key Trends in Entertainment Consumption and Emerging Global Viewing Habits

8th October 2014.

Entertainment is changing rapdily and on a global scale.
The ARRIS 2014 Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) is a study of 10,500 people in 1 countries that tracks this evolution through the lens of consumer engagement with content, connected devices, and each other to not only reflect the evolution of consumer behavior, but offer a glimpse into the future of entertainment.

Topics include:

  • Resilience of Subscription TV
  • Binge Viewing goes Global – Device preferences and how Content is accessed
  • New Opportunities for Multiscreen Merchandising
  • Consumer Content Storage frustrations

Tom Satchwell, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing, ARRIS

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ARRIS Presentation. Oct15

Joint webinar with SNL Kagan – Cable’s health across Western and Eastern Europe

September 2014

CTAM Europe and SNL Kagan’s webinar reported on the state of cable’s health across Western and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on growth trends for key service offerings and how they shape up against competition from telcos. 

SNL Kagan analysts examine Europe’s pay TV subscriber growth prospects, whether cord-cutting is indeed taking a hold in the region, and, if so, in which territories. 

A special review of eastern Europe with case studies on Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic was provided, bringing you up to date on the state of multichannel and OTT competition in these countries. 

Finally, with Europe experiencing an unprecedented upsurge of M&A in the media and communications sector, SNL Kagan provided a timely overview of the vigorous deals activity.

Gain valuable insights on:

  • The growth prospects: Broadband and pay TV net adds across Europe, east and west
  • Three key markets in eastern Europe
  • The latest in media and communications M&A in western Europe

Mohammed Hamza – Analyst, SNL Kagan
Piotr Gaber – Analyst, SNL Kagan

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Joint webinar with SNL Kagan – Cable’s Competitive Position

May 2014

CTAM Europe and SNL Kagan bring you up to speed on cable’s competitive positioning as major M&A deals and maturing next-generation cable platforms reshape the multi-play service landscape across Europe.

SNL Kagan analysts present a comprehensive overview of cable’s competitive dynamic in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and other key markets in the region, evaluating the impacts of consolidation, service bundles and multiscreen deployments. Additionally, the webinar will examine how TiVo and Horizon are driving innovation and enabling cable operators to respond quickly to fast-changing competitive landscapes.

Gain valuable insights on:

  • Impact of cable M&A in western Europe
  • How telco fiber deployments will change cable competitiveness
  • The state of advanced TV everywhere deployments


Julija Jurkevic – Analyst, SNL Kagan
Mohammed Hamza – Analyst, SNL Kagan

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CTAME_May_2014_slides_PDF 2